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Dear Youthful Horizons Therapy families:

Youthful Horizons remains vigilant in response to the COVID-19 outbreak in Washington State. We are following the guidance of the CDC, our Spokane Regional Health District and Washington State Department of Health. With the announcement of school closures for the next 6 weeks we understand this will have a tremendous impact on everyone. We are doing everything we can to ensure the health and safety of our staff, while planning for the unique and specialized needs of the children and families we serve.

We will remain open to the greatest extent possible for evaluations, in clinic therapy services, and in-home/childcare services. We understand there is a risk this virus could spread while also recognizing the possible detrimental impact of not receiving therapy services for the next 6 weeks. We are currently exploring telehealth options for families who cannot leave their homes, however we must stay in compliance with HIPPA guidelines while doing this so this may take a little time to implement. More information on this will be provided when/if available.

What we are doing to ensure the safety of our staff and clients:

*We have increased our hygiene and sanitizing measures. We have always used disinfectant wipes, Citrus II (a hospital grade disinfectant) and steam mopping of floors and mats.

*All of our service providers will continue to wash/sanitize their hands before and after each appointment.  Therapists typically use hand sanitizer before entering a client’s home.  As hand sanitizer is becoming more difficult to obtain therapists may ask if they can wash their hands when they enter your home.

*Surfaces (mats, tables, etc.) will continue to be sanitized between uses.

*Frequently touched surfaces will be sanitized repeatedly throughout the day and again at the end of each day.

*Staff will continue to stay home if they are sick or exhibiting symptoms such as fever or cough.

*Staff will not bring toys to or from home programs.

*We will remove toys from shared spaces in our building, such as the entryway, clinic area and family resources areas.

* If you do not want to wait in the waiting room please call the front desk (921-9798) or text your therapist (if you have their number) upon arrival and they will meet you outside and take you directly to treatment room.



Youthful Horizons is a fun and caring therapy clinic dedicated to the wellbeing of your health.  At Youthful Horizons Therapy, you'll find highly trained, compassionate and dedicated professionals who are sincere in their efforts to provide you with the absolute best in personalized care. It is our goal to ensure your time with us exceeds your expectations.



Where would you turn if you found out your child had a special need? If you had been told he or she has cerebral palsy, auditory processing disorder, sensory processing disorder, developmental delay, apraxia, autism, or any number of diagnoses which may require specialized therapy? What if you thought something about your child's development didn't seem right? Who would you call to find qualified, experienced professionals, to help you and your family do all you can for your child? Youthful Horizons Therapy has a team of highly trained specialists to help you answer these difficult questions and guide you down the road to recovery.

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Kind words


Speech Therapy

This place has helped my family out so much. Everyone shows how much they care and work really hard with my kids. Lisa Norfolk always went out of her way to make us feel welcome. Be it in the home or at the office. We also worked with others that had the servants heart. Oh and we have to say the kids Christmas with Santa photo is a Godsend and life saver.

Tadgh B


Amazing staff and the facilities are perfect for adults and children! Extremely educated therapists. A lot of money has gone into making this a place to heal. The pool is really warm and the water levels can be changed for different therapy and height of the patient. They take all different insurance including State. Highly recommend!

Colleen L


Wonderful therapists for all ages of life! Really great massage therapists too, and you can book even if you don't have a prescription. Kind people, clean atmosphere, exceptionally trained therapists. Everyone who works here seems to really enjoy working here, making it a pleasant atmosphere for all! If you are looking for some awesome, knowledgeable people to work with, these are the guys I highly recommend. Their friendliness and result-driven approach are what I love about them.

Sara T

Phone: 509-921-9798

Fax: 509-921-9774

325 S. University

Rd. Suite #101

Spokane Valley, WA  99206

Monday -Friday 7AM to 6PM

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