Aquatic therapy for children and adults in Spokane, WA

Aquatic therapy is very beneficial for adults and children with a variety of conditions and limitations.

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Aquatic Therapy

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Aquatic therapy is now recognized as one of the most effective forms of rehabilitation for a variety of physical conditions. Our therapeutic pool utilizes water’s natural warmth, buoyancy and resistance to create an effective exercise environment. The water’s unique characteristics provide support and comfort while eliminating painful stress on joints and muscles allowing for faster recovery. The water’s natural resistance helps to strengthen muscles and increase range of motion. The warm, therapeutic temperature helps reduce pain by relaxing tight or spasmed muscles while the hydrostatic pressure helps to reduce the swelling that can occur with arthritis or injury.


Aquatic pool therapy in Spokane, WAYouthful Horizons' Therapy Pool

Youthful Horizons’ on-site 14'x24' therapy pool allows our team to integrate aquatic therapy into a patient’s overall treatment regimen easily and conveniently. The pool’s Ozone filtration system oxidizes water a thousand times faster than chlorine or bromine removing organic and inorganic contaminants from the water; therefore, fewer chemicals are needed to maintain the water. This results in cleaner pool water and thus better air quality and a much healthier environment to work in. People with chlorine sensitivity or other skin conditions are able to use our pool with minimal, if any, problems. Our pool is kept at a recommended therapeutic temperature of 92 to 94 degrees Fahrenheit. We have a hydraulic lift system to safely assist people with various disabilities in and out of the pool.